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Here are answers to a few of our frequently asked questions from customers. If you have any inquiries not addressed on this page,
please feel free contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is Velcro really strong enough hold the weight of my guitar or bass?
Yes! Velcro used in this manner is many, many times stronger than will ever be needed to hold up your guitar. Just squeeze it
together securely between your thumb and forefinger after initial contact, and you're good to go! Put your guitar or bass on and
push it down as hard as you can. The Velcro won't come loose! Let the kids hang on your guitar… now spin around! Just kidding!
But you could do that, the Velcro is that strong!

Won't Velcro wear out and lose its stick like that junk on my kid's shoes?
This is not that cheap foreign-made Velcro used on your kid's shoes! Wide Rides Guitar Straps uses only the highest quality
hook and loop closures manufactured in the USA by Velcro USA. Velcro's hook and loop closures can be
reattached literally thousands of times and will never lose their stick so the bond stays incredibly strong. You can confidently adjust
your guitar strap over and over again for many years to come and the Velcro will never lose its stick and strength!!!

Why use Velcro? What's the advantage?
Velcro makes adjustments amazingly quick and easy! With other guitar straps you have to take your guitar off and then take the
strap off the guitar to adjust it. This slow and time consuming process has to be repeated if the adjustment wasn't quite right the
first time. With Velcro you can adjust the length of the strap while you're standing and wearing the guitar! You can even adjust the
strap on stage between songs!

How do you properly adjust a Wide Rides Guitar Strap?
You've probably noticed that your Wide Rides Guitar Strap has Velcro adjustments at both ends. By adjusting the two ends
independently it allows you to keep the pad centered on top your shoulder. That's another feature unique to Wide Rides Guitar
Straps. To properly adjust a Wide Rides Guitar Strap, first, do not adjust the strap. Just put the strap on the guitar and put the
guitar on. Even though it's probably too low, hold the guitar at your normal playing angle.

Now, adjust both front and rear straps up equally until you've got the guitar at your normal playing height. A Wide Rides Guitar
Strap is properly adjusted when the pad extends down about 2 inches beyond your collar bone. It's really easy and quick! And all
this is done while you're wearing the guitar! Just remember, do your adjustments from both ends of the strap, not just the front or
back alone. For a more detailed explanation on how to adjust your Wide Rides Guitar Strap,
click here.

Why doesn't anyone else use Velcro on their guitar straps?
Apparently, no one else has thought of it yet! And now that we have, Wide Rides has applied to the US Patent and Trade Office for
a patent covering the use of Velcro as a means of adjustment on a guitar strap.

Update: As of February 17, 2009, Wide Rides Guitar Straps patent application has been approved by the US Patent and Trade

Are there any special handling requirements for Velcro?
Velcro is really durable stuff! There's nothing to ever go wrong! It doesn't require that you do anything to protect it. Just squeeze
the two sides together securely after you've made your adjustment and you're good to go!

What is "Load Distribution Technology"?
Our "Load Distribution Technology" is a series of design techniques that distributes the load from the weight of your instrument
over the entire surface area of the shoulder pad. And it works amazingly well.

Do you offer any kind of a guarantee on a Wide Rides Guitar Strap?
Yes, we absolutely do! We're so confident that you'll love a Wide Rides Guitar Strap that we're offering a 100% money-back
guarantee if you're not happy with it. For any reason! And that includes whatever you paid for shipping too!
See our
Return Policy for more details.

What materials are used in the construction of a Wide Rides Guitar Strap?
Mainly Nylon and Polyester. PVC/Nitrile foam and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is used in the pad.

Are Wide Rides Guitar Straps machine washable?
We've never tried machine washing a Wide Rides Guitar Strap and we suggest you don't as well. When the underside of the pad
gets dirty or oily, clean with any mild detergent & water. Scrub with a cloth or not too stiff brush and pat dry with a towel.

Are the graphics permanent, or will they peel or scrape off?
Our graphics are tough! You don't have to baby them. They're applied with our specially developed heat press process and a
special bonding agent made for Nylon fabric. Once the bond is made, they're on the strap for good! And they'll stand up to any
abuse that hard-working musicians can dish out!

Does Wide Rides Do Custom Graphics?
At this point custom graphics are not out of the question, but the cost and delivery time is very prohibitive. Contact us directly to
discuss custom graphics if there's something you simply must have!

Are Wide Rides Guitar Straps really made completely in the U.S.A.?
Yes, 100%!!! We don't make any part of a Wide Rides Guitar Strap overseas! We perform the entire manufacturing processes at
our shop here in Vacaville, CA. Maybe we're just a little old fashioned, but in this day and age when it seems like everybody's going
overseas for their manufacturing needs, we're very proud to say that Wide Rides Guitar Straps are MADE IN AMERICA!!!

Are Wide Rides Guitar Straps available in retail stores?
No, not yet. We're still a small company, and we don't have national distribution yet. But keep your eyes peeled. We're movin' right

How long will it take for my Wide Rides Guitar Strap to get to me?
Orders get shipped out in 24-hours or less. If you live in the continental U.S. shipping time is about 4 business days.

Does Wide Rides make any guitar straps for kids?
Currently, no. But we plan on introducing a line of Wide Rides Guitar Straps for kids in the near future. Check our website often or
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