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Our Unique Printing Process
You've probably noticed that Wide Rides graphics look little different than other guitar strap graphics. That's because we employ
the unique Heat Press printing process that literally bakes and squeezes the graphics into the surface of the material. The bond
created by this process makes for an amazingly tough and durable graphic that won't ever peel or wear off.

Eye-Popping Designs
Wide Rides has a whole series of great-looking new “jump out at you” graphics, some of which are completely unique to wide
rides. The colors are bright and vivid. This is because the Heat Press process produces a more opaque surface resulting in
brighter colors. Take a look. This really shows in our Flames, Paisley, and Skulls guitar straps graphics. And our Heat Press
process allows for real precision in the printed image. Just check out the detail in our Lizards and Buckles guitar strap.

Of course, should you wish to remain anonymous, you can always get a Wide Rides in Plain Black. And for that tux with tails look,
we offer a Plain Black Wide Rides sewn with White Thread.

More in the Pipeline
And that's just the start. We’re going to be introducing several new lines of graphics here in the near future to satisfy the wildly
diverse tastes of guitar and bass players, so check back with us regularly or sign up for our e-mail newsletter located on the home
page for instant updates on newly introduced graphics.
Click on the thumbnails for a larger view of each graphic.