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Business Links
If you know of an interesting product that you think we should share with everyone here, contact us. Same goes for if you make a cool product and you'd like
to be represented here. Just shoot us an e-mail!
Fargen Amps, Inc.
Point-to-Point, Hand-Made, Hand-Wired Custom Amps
Mahaffay Amplifiers
These guys make a really cool, lightweight, rotating
speaker. Now you can get that Stevie Ray Vaughn sound
without having to use a bunch of heavy, vintage equipment.
DP Custom Guitars
More affordable custom basses than you can shake a
stick at!
Tuki Covers
Here's a great company that makes custom amp covers for
whatever you got.
Fuchs Audio Technology
Fuchs Audio Technology makes a great sounding little 7 Watt
guitar amp that can be had in various configurations of
speakers, cabinets, and heads.
Dingwall Guitars
This Company has got to have the most unusual neck, fret,
and bridge design I have ever seen! You gotta take a look.
Cornford Amplification
Another site with some Very cool amps.
Vero Amplifiers
Designer art deco style guitar amplifiers.
Here at Wide Rides Guitar Straps we regularly cruise the internet checking out the competition. In the process we've seen so many
small companies that make beautiful, amazing products that we just had to start sharing them with all of our friends at Wide Rides.

Click on the links below and take a look at the products these guys & gals make. There's some real cool stuff here. This is just the
first of many, so check back regularly to see what we've added!
Backstage Artist Lounge
The Backstage Artist Lounge is a
private lounge installed backstage at
major music festivals where sponsors
connect with talented bands for
product sampling and relationship
building opportunities.
FreddyMade Guitars
FreddyMade Guitars are exclusively custom vintage Stratocaster
style relic-ed guitars made from licensed products.