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Jonathan Montoya from Saliva
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About the Pad
Innovative New Shoulder Pad
The comfort begins with our exclusive “Dual-Layer Shoulder Pad.”
First we start with a layer of soft, cushy, closed-cell memory foam that
conforms wonderfully to your shoulder. Our unique closed-cell foam
always stays “inflated” under a load, because the individual cells are
sealed or closed.

This unique quality allows for an unparalleled cushioning effect from a
mere 3/8” thick pad. It will never compress down to nothing under load
from the weight of your instrument. You’ll be surprised by the level of
comfort our 3/8” thick pad provides.

Just give the pad a squeeze, only a Wide Ride feels like that!
Spreading Out the Load with a Wide Ride
Other shoulder pad type guitar straps run the strap through a series of loops over the top of the pad. The
unsupported pad simply curls up and away from the shoulder where it extends beyond the width of the strap.

At Wide Rides Guitar Straps we
securely stitch both front and rear strap sections directly to the pad. Now, the
unyielding HDPE layer holds the pad down against your shoulder, insuring that the load is applied across the full
width of the pad, not just the 2” strap width.

We proudly call this innovative, patented technique
“Load Distribution Technology.” If you’ve got a heavy
Gibson Les Paul or Fender P bass, a Wide Ride will provide you with a whole new level comfort previously not
possible from any guitar strap! Really!!
“My Wide Rides guitar strap was the perfect width. It is very comfortable,
with both my Fender Telecaster and also even with my Gibson Les Paul Studio (which is quite heavy). It is very
well made and more importantly it is as comfortable to wear as the website claims.”
Charles M. - B.C Canada

It’s true, “Nothing feels like a Wide Ride!!!”
Pad Options for Musician’s Diverse Needs
Because guitar players are a wildly varied lot of guys & gals, we now offer several pad variations to meet your diverse needs!

Pad Surface: Sticky or Slippery
We now make the pad with two different underside surfaces: One with a "Slippery" under side, and the other with a slightly "Sticky" under side. The
"Slippery" pad slides very nicely over your shoulder allowing you to move the neck up or down and change your playing position without pulling your shirt
along with it!
A Wide Ride’s All About Ergonomics
A Wide Ride Guitar Strap just might be the most ergonomic padded guitar strap on the market today! If you’re
a professional musician, playing the clubs, maybe you’ve noticed a certain discomfort by the second or third
set. Maybe you only need to shift your strap occasionally to find that spot that’s just a bit more comfortable. Or
maybe you can’t wait to take off that heavy bass and hold a cold beer to your shoulder!!!

Whatever guitar or bass you play, a Wide Rides Guitar Strap will give you a whole new level of comfort. You’ll
swear your guitar lost weight! After you try a Wide Ride you'll never want to go back to one of those skinny
little things! (Guitar straps, that is).

That’s why we say:
“There’s no going back once you’ve had a Wide Ride!!!”
The "Sticky" pad has just the right amount of adhesion to stick to your shoulder nicely. It works perfectly if
you like the strap to assist in keeping your guitar in place by adhering a bit to your shoulder! This can be
really helpful if you play a neck heavy bass or guitar like a Gibson SG. It also works great if you just don’t
want the pad sliding around on your shoulder!
“I love my Wide Rides Guitar Strap. For the first time ever I
can let go of the neck of my Beatle Bass without it crashing down into something! And it’s so comfortable.
Thanks so much.
Craig R. - Oakland, CA

Pad Width: Wide or Petite
We now offer a slightly narrower version of our comfy shoulder pad!! We call it “The Petite Wide Ride”!!!
Like its wider sibling, the Petite Wide Ride pad incorporates our Patented “Load Distribution Technology”.
It was designed to offer the same level of comfort for anyone with smaller shoulders, especially you
guitar playin’ ladies who might be a bit on the petite side!!! The “Petite Wide Ride” pad also comes in
Sticky or Slippery.
(Jonathan Montoya from Saliva)
The Dual-Layer Concept
Next, we bond the foam to a thin layer of tough High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This non-stretching, yet flexible top layer of HDPE
acts as a back up or support layer for the soft foam.
It’s this back-up support, from the HDPE layer, that keeps the full width of the foam pad down
against your shoulder. So now the load from the weight of your guitar or bass is applied to the full
width of the pad. This dual-layer concept spreads out the load over a broad area of your shoulder
and this is where the real improvement in comfort of a Wide Ride is achieved. The dual-layer pad
is completely unique to Wide Rides. So unique in fact, that we've been granted a US patent.

All tech talk aside, what this means to you is a really comfortable guitar strap. You'll feel a
difference right away when you strap a Wide Ride on your guitar or bass. You'll notice a Wide Ride
doesn't pinch or bite into your shoulder. No other guitar strap is so soft, yet so supportive.

“The Wide Ride gives a perfect amount of support. Even after hours of playing I didn't have any
shoulder fatigue, so your load-bearing design does the trick.”
Peter Hicks - Sleepy Driver