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Return Policy
We're so confident that you'll love your Wide Rides Guitar Strap that we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not
happy with it! For any reason!! And that includes what ever you paid for shipping too!!!

We'll also do a one-time, no-charge replacement just in case you accidently ordered the wrong size or pad type. Just send back the
strap you received (You pay the shipping back to us) in new condition, and we'll send you the one (We'll pay the shipping to you)
you really needed all along

On the off chance you find something wrong or defective with your Wide Rides Guitar Strap, (Once in a great while we make a
mistake) bring this to our attention immediately and we'll ship you out a no-charge replacement straight away! Just be sure to send
us back the defective strap so we can see what we did wrong.

And last, but not least every once in a while we come across a guitar or bass player who, because of an unusual playing position
and/or unusual guitar, can not get a proper adjustment and requires a slightly different length on the front strap. Not a problem!
We'll do a one-time, no-charge, special length replacement. Just let us know right away if you're having a problem and we'll take
care of you!

Privacy Statement
We believe here at Wide Rides Guitar Straps that all people deserve to be treated with a certain basic dignity and respect right off
the bat. And that extends to passing along personal or private information. We respect your right to privacy (and an uncluttered
inbox) just as we would our own! You're our valued customers and friends and we will absolutely not sell, rent, or give away your
e-mail or personal information to any marketing firms, spammers, marketers, mailing lists, or even legitimate retailers and
magazine companies! It's just not going to happen here at Wide Rides Guitar Straps!

We also don't collect or save any of your personal info if you just visit our website with out buying anything or signing up for our
e-mail newsletter.

And if you do buy something, we don't collect or keep any of your financial information. For your security and convenience we
conduct all of our financial transactions through PayPal. They're fast, accurate, and have been in the business since day one of the
Internet. PayPal is by far the most secure and reliable form of handling financial transactions on the web. Best of all they don't
charge much for their service and that's a deal we like. Saves us both money!

Are you on our e-mail list and you don't want to be? Not a problem. Just follow the directions at the bottom of the news letter and
you're done. We'll immediately remove you from our mailing list. No more of those pesky Wide Rides newsletters!