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How to properly adjust a Wide Rides Guitar Strap
Youíve probably noticed that your Wide Rides Guitar Strap has Velcro adjustments at both ends, front and back! This is our dual
adjustment points feature, and itís exclusive to Wide Rides Guitar Straps! Itís a great feature, but the logic behind this concept is not
always obvious at first glance. So please, follow through the entire adjustment process here and the versatility of our dual
adjustment points will become clear!

To properly adjust a Wide Rides Guitar Strap, first,
do not adjust the strap. Just put the strap on the guitar and put the guitar
on. Even though itís probably too low, hold the guitar at your normal playing angle. Now,
adjust both front & rear straps up
until youíve got the guitar at your normal playing height. A Wide Ride is properly adjusted when the pad extends down 2
or so beyond your collar bone! ...Donít stop here! Continue on!

Now, depending on what guitar youíre playing, the location of the front strap button, and your playing position, you may not have
attained a proper adjustment. This is where a Wide Ride really excels in accommodating almost everyone and every guitar.

Letís say the shoulder pad is extending too far down your chest (this can occur if your guitar has the front strap button located on
the heel of the neck like an SG or a Flying V, or if you play with the neck close to horizontal). Simply
lengthen the front strap
and shorten the back strap in equal amounts.
This will pull the pad right back over your shoulder to the proper position while
keeping your guitar at the same height!

If the padís too far over the back of your shoulder (and not covering your collar bone)
simply shorten the front strap and
lengthen the rear strap in equal amounts
and the pad will move over the front of your shoulder! The goal of these front &
back adjustments is to get the pad centered on the top of your shoulder.

Itís really that easy and quick! And all this is done while youíre wearing the guitar! Just remember,
do your adjustments from
both ends of the strap,
not just the front or back alone!

Now, get out there and play!!!