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Here's what a few of our customers and sponsered bands had to say about their Wide Rides experience:

Peter Hicks - Sleepy Driver

I had a chance to put my Wide Rides Guitar Strap to good use this past weekend as we played what is probably the largest
celebration of music in the Canadian Maritime provinces: the East Coast Music Association conference.

Honestly I find the strap quite amazing. The Gibson I play is not a light guitar and a thinner conventional strap wasn't working well
for me. The Wide Ride gives a perfect amount of support. Even after hours of playing I didn't have any shoulder fatigue whereas I
can usually feel it with a thinner strap, so your load-bearing design does the trick.

Your strap is solid and I never worried that the Velcro would fail. Workmanship is top notch as well.

Cheers! Peter Hicks

Craig Rasband

Hey Mike!
I've had a chance to use the strap now, and it's great! I love my Wide Rides Guitar Strap. It's so comfortable. The pad has just the right amount of grip.
(Without grabbing) For the first time ever I can let go of the neck of my Beatle Bass without it crashing down into something when I have to use both
hands for something else. And I don't have to hold the neck up when I'm playing either. Makes it so easy.

Also, something about the way it's made, I never have to find the 'untwisted' position before I put it on; just pick it up and go - I've never had a strap do
that before!

Haven't tried the adjustment feature, it came to me at just the length I needed. And the plain black color with the white (ultra comfy) pad will go great
with my tux!

I won't be trying any more straps.

Thanks so much!
Craig Rasband

Aaron S.

I can't begin to explain the difference in my life that your product has made. I don't have to tell you that the strap is one of those things like WOW, how
come no one thought of some of these things years ago. But the difference for me is about my personal health issues. I suffer from a condition called
fibromyalgia. This syndrome causes muscles to spasm more easily than normal people. It means regular guitar straps put pressure on my shoulder and
within 15 minutes I can begin to feel pain and before 1 hr the pain is so severe it feels like someone's tabbing me with a knife. And don't think I'm a wuss
to pain.

I couldn't imagine giving up guitar, especially after all but giving up on the drums due to the weight and carrying them. I had extensive discussions with my
Doctors about what way I could continue to play. They explained dissipating the weight of the guitar and using padding is the only way. After reviewing
some models with my Doctor, he was very impressed with the claims on your website and said this would be my best shot. And, he was right. I can't
believe how simple the idea is. And how inexpensive the strap is, and how much it could make a difference. I have been playing for 1-2 hrs without taking
off my guitar and there is little to no pain.

As I get older most of the things in life seem to get taken away, things you can't just do much anymore, many things without your control. The Wide Rides
Strap keeps me playing, keeps me happy with something as simple in life as music. Music is pure. The music is the way to peace, for me.
I want you to know how much your product and your designs have allowed me to find peace and enjoyment

I hope that I can someday return the favor, as it is, I'm telling all my friends they are CRAZY not to buy your strap. If it did this much for me, it must be
like it's not even there for those without my condition.

Aaron S.

Moody - Ripped

Hey Mike,
Here is my thoughts on the strap and I hope it helps you out. The pad was just right, not too wide or slippery. It was very comfortable.The Velcro was
cool! No problems adjusting and I had no worries about the strength. It was easy to use and I usually only moved one side to switch from acoustic to

The graphics were beautiful and every bit as pleasing as the pictures on the web. The overall workmanship was "A+".

...I love your strap and hope you have great success with it!


Charles Morrisey

My Wide Rides guitar strap was the perfect width. It is very comfortable, with both my Fender Telecaster and also even with my Gibson Les Paul Studio
(which is quite heavy). The Velcro adjustment was very easy to adjust. I was never worried about its strength.

I did find a graphic that suited my taste and I like many of the other graphics you offer. The overall quality of the product is excellent. It is very well made
and more importantly it is as comfortable to wear as the website claims. I have recommended this product to my friends.

Hope this helps,
Charles Morrisey