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Guitar Strap Size Chart
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About the Sizes
Ever find a guitar strap you like but it doesn't fit you? That won't happen with a Wide Ride! They come in short,
medium, and long so there's a Wide Ride that fits you just right. Not sure what size you need? No Problem! Just
measure your existing strap from button end to button end (measure at the hole). Now, use the chart below to pick
out Wide Rides Strap that covers your measurement.
Are you buying this strap for a friend and don't know their size? Maybe you're buying your first strap and have
no idea what you need? Still not a problem! Just check out the pictures below. Compare your height and
playing position to the handsome mugs below.

This is Hagrid's little brother Joel. Joel is 6'2". Check
out how a long and medium size strap fit him.
Mike is 5'6". Here he's wearing a medium and short
strap. Check out the range of adjustment.