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Adjusting Front Strap
Adjusting Back Strap
Hand Pulling Apart Velcro
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About the Velcro Adjustment
The Velcro Adjustment Advantage
Velcro on a guitar strap, who would've thought!? Adjustments to your guitar strap
can now be made with ease and speed!

Every guitar and bass player knows what a pain it is to adjust a conventional
guitar strap. If you've got a Wide Ride, you've just moved to a whole new level of
easy. That's the beauty of the Velcro. Just rip it loose using the handy "grab tab",
pull the strap up or down through the heavy steel loop, and reattach anywhere
on the strap. It's that easy!
Just rip, slide and reattach! You can even adjust
your strap on stage, in the middle of a set, between songs,
while you're
wearing the guitar!!!
And the Velcro bond is incredibly strong! Compare
that to any other guitar strap on the market today.
“I love the Velcro. It’s so easy
to adjust and you can do it on the fly. No worries on the strength, it’s way
Chris Bryant - Garageland Rodeo

Velcro on a guitar strap, it's exclusive to Wide Rides Guitar Straps. So exclusive,
it’s patented! If you've got a Wide Ride, a quickie adjustment is never a problem!
And a Wide Ride is always easy!
Dual-Adjustment Point System: Maximum Versatility
Our unique new “Dual-Adjustment Point System” employs Velcro adjustments at both ends of the strap, front
and back. This innovation allows you to keep the pad centered on top of your shoulder regardless of your shape,
size, playing position, or location of the front strap button on your guitar.

Let’s say that for one of the above reasons the shoulder pad is extending too far down your chest. Simply lengthen
the front strap and shorten the back strap in equal amounts and the pad will move right back over your shoulder to
the proper position!! (
Click here to learn how to properly adjust a Wide Rides Guitar Strap)

This is where a Wide Ride really excels over any other shoulder pad guitar strap on the market today! A Wide Ride
can accommodate everyone and every guitar!
“I only had to adjust it once for my Tele and I found that it was very
easy, and I like the strength of the Velcro. I did use both adjustments to make it fit just right.”
Gene - Portland, OR
A Wide Ride’ll Fit You Just Right
Because of the “Dual-Adjustment Point System” a Wide Ride has a greater range of adjustment than other shoulder pad
guitar straps. A medium Wide Ride adjusts from about 45” to 57” and will accommodate most average size players. And if
you’re tall, short, or prefer your playing position extremely low or high, Wide Rides makes a long and short version that will
fit you just right! So, no matter what, a Wide Ride has got you covered.

With all these unique features a Wide Ride just might be the most versatile guitar strap available! Add to that, heavy duty
stitching, durable, materials, and stout leather ends, and you’ve got a guitar strap that’ll take all the punishment professional
gigging musicians can dish out!

When you’ve got a Wide Ride, you've got all you need!!!